How one bag can match many styles?

Edgy or understated?

Artistic or classic?

There are enough decisions to make in life, besides choosing which bag to wear.At Lobos, we’ve solved this problem by designing a handbag which can be transformed from a classic elegance to a statement style… in 5 seconds.By using a handcrafted detachable accessory, you're able to customize your handbag to suit your mood at any time of the day.That's one less decision to make!


Your individuality is your identity and making a statement is every woman's right. The Lobos philosophy is translated in our signature concept of 1 bag; 2 looks, allowing you to express all sides of your personality with one bag.The ultimate expression of our obsession with customization and storytelling, our collaboration with talented artists brings originality and elegance to all our designs.From the inspiration points to the finished piece, a love of craftsmanship and personalization flows through every step of the Lobos creative process, resulting in a work of wearable art which is both functional and fashionable.Using a range of techniques - from tattoo art through to online painting and hand-painted graphics - our artists ensure that your bag will be as beautiful and unique as a precious piece of jewelery or artwork.


True style should be effortless.Less is often more.The clean lines and classic shapes of a Lobos bag provide an understated and elegant accessory for any occasion, while retaining a distinctive and timeless appeal.With versatility and individuality at the heart of the Lobos ethos, you can be sure that your handbag will always tell your story.

Your bag; your choice.

At Lobos, we like an easy life.Whether you're after subtle sophistication and modern elegance or an edgy, arty statement accessory, you can be sure that your Lobos bag will have both options covered.Problem solved.Everyday should reflect your story and we celebrate the style of storytelling through craftsmanship, innovation and a passion for art.