Meet the artists


Creativity, craftsmanship and collaboration with talented artists are the heart of everything we do. Inspired by the architectural and artistic heritage of Milan, Chapter 2 tells the story of a magnificent city of beauty and vitality, where the handbag is a canvas for wearable art.


Elena Ciuprina is a fashion illustrator, designer and event artist.

During the course of '7' years Elena has collaborated with a range of fashion and lifestyle brands while her work has been featured in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Elie and Glamour. In addition to hosting solo art exhibitions, this multi-disciplined artist is a regular event artist at shows. For Milan Fashion Week 2019, Elena produced two exclusive distinct graphics for Lobos, inspired by the city's flirty and vibrant spirit.


Marta Mosler-Kalisz is a tattoo artist and designer.

Specializing in hand-poked tattoo design which requires tremendous precision and focus, Marta developed her signature style of online painting, which has become her trademark. As our resident artist, Marta applies these techniques when customizing our handcrafted bags with everything from discreet initials through to artistic bespoke commissions. Possessed with a remarkable eye for detail and an appreciation of iconic artworks, Marta transforms the classic beauty of a Lobos bag into a work of wearable art by applying hand painted designs. When working on Chapter 2, the Milano collection, Marta was inspired by the iconic artworks found on the marble flooring found in the Duomo di Milano.