(hereinafter: "Regulations")


  1. The organizer of the "BECREATIVE" competition (hereinafter: the Competition) is Felmer Investments sp.z o.o.aboutwith its registered office in Kraków, at ul.Mieczysława Medweckiego 17, NIP: 5223041719, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer" or "Coordinator".
  2. The competition is organized in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  3. The Organizer is the person promising the Prize within the meaning of art.919 and 921 k.c
  4. The purpose of the Contest is to promote the Organizer's products of the "LOBOS" brand (hereinafter: "Promotional Products").
  5. The contest runs from April 27, 2020.until May 10, 2020(hereinafter: "Contest Period").
  1. All natural persons acting as consumers
  2. may participate in the Contest
  3. Participants in the Competition cannot be employees and representatives of the Organizer or the Coordinator.In the event that the Organizer finds that a person who does not meet the conditions for participation took part in the competition, he will be excluded from the Competition and deprived of any prize in the Competition.
  4. Participation in the Contest is completely voluntary and free of charge.
  5. In order to participate in the Contest, the Participant should:
    1. post during the Competition Period on your own Instagram as "Stories" or as "Post" the competition work in the form of a design of a pattern for a Lobos bag made in any technique (hereinafter: "Contest Work") and tag
    2. Send the Competition Work to or in a private message on Instagram
    3. Like @lobos on Instagram
  6. Sending the Contest Entry to the e-mail address: or in a private message on Instagram will be hereinafter referred to as the "Application".
  7. The design of the pattern created by the Participant:
    1. must not contain offensive or illegal content;
    2. may not infringe the rights of third parties, including in particular: personal rights and copyrights as well as the right to protect the image.
    3. if a violation of any of the above provisions is detected, the Participant will be excluded from the Competition and will lose any right to a prize in the Competition.
  8. Each of the Participants has the right to submit any number of Competition Entries to the Competition, provided that each of them meets the requirements indicated in §2 section6 of the Regulations.
  9. Whenever these Regulations refer to submitting an Application, it should be understood as the impact of the Application on the server of the ICT system of the Competition Party.
  • 3 [REWARDS]
  1. The following prizes will be awarded in the Competition (hereinafter: "Prizes"):
    1. 1 Lobos bag worth PLN 1,250 gross (hereinafter: "Main Prize")
    2. Discount code valid for 1 year from the end date of the competition in the amount of 20% discount on the order (hereinafter: "Additional Prizes").
  2. The winners of the Contest have no right to exchange the Prize for a prize of a different type or to demand payment of the prize's cash equivalent.
  3. The Winner of the Competition has no right to transfer the right to the Prize to third parties.
  4. One Participant may be awarded no more than one Prize.
  1. The Competition Works sent by the Participants will take part in the Jury's vote.
  2. The jury consists of the following people: Anna Halarewicz, Elena Ciuprina, Marta Mosler-Kalisz, Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat, Monika Łobos
  3. On the basis of a secret vote of the Jury, the winning Contest Work will be selected.
  4. The Participant whose Competition Entry will receive the largest number of votes will be entitled to the Main Prize.
  5. All participants who submit Contest Works to the competition will be entitled to one Additional Prize.
  6. If it turns out that among the awarded Contest Entries there are several Contest Entries of one Participant, only one of them that received the largest number of votes will be taken into account when awarding the Prizes.
  7. All Participants who are entitled to the Prize (hereinafter: "Winners") will be notified of the win by May 17, 2020 by means of an appropriate email sent to the Winner's address indicated in the Form.
  8. The winner is obliged to send by May 20, 2020to (from the address to which the notification of the win was sent), an email containing:
    1. Personal data of the Winner in the form of: name, surname, address for shipping the prize,
  9. If the Winner does not receive by May 21, 2020e-mail message referred to in paragraph9 above, this Participant loses the right to the Prize.
  10. Prizes will be sent to the winners by May 22, 2020 in the form of a courier service to the address provided in the email sent.
  11. If the package with the Prize returns to the Organizer as unclaimed by the Participant (despite having been notified twice), the Participant loses the right to the Prize.
  12. Prizes that will not be awarded due to the occurrence of the situations specified in par.7, 10 or 12 above will be awarded to the Participants whose Competition Entries took the next places in the Internet voting (hereinafter: Reserve Winners).
  13. Reserve Winners will be notified of their win by May 30, 2020.The reserve winner is obliged to send the e-mail message referred to in section9 above by June 1, 2020, and the Prize will be sent by June 2, 2020.
  14. Prizes that will not be issued to the Reserve Winners (due to the occurrence of the situations specified in paragraphs 7, 10 or 12 above) are forfeited to the Organizer.
  15. The work of the Winner will be published from May 21, 2020 on the @lobos on Instagram
  1. Complaints regarding the course of the Competition may be submitted in writing to the address of the Coordinator: Felmer Investments sp.z o.o.aboutwith its registered office in Kraków, at ul.Mieczyslaw Medweckiego 17
  2. The right to submit a complaint is only granted to the Participants of the Competition.
  3. A written complaint should be sent with the note "Competition" and contain: name, surname, exact address of the Participant as well as a detailed description and indication of the reason for the complaint.
  4. In order to ensure supervision over the proper course of the Competition, the Organizer will appoint a competition committee composed of: two representatives of the Coordinator (hereinafter: "Committee").
  5. Complaints are considered by the Commission within 14 days from the date of delivery to the Coordinator.
  6. The Participant will be notified of the Committee's decision by registered letter sent to the address provided in the complaint within 7 days from the date of consideration of the complaint.
  7. Claims not considered or not included in the complaint procedure may be pursued before a common court.
  1. The administrator of the personal data of the Competition Participants is Felmer Investments sp.z o.o.aboutwith its registered office in Kraków, at ul.Mieczyslaw Medweckiego 17
  2. Personal data will be processed only for purposes related to the Competition, i.e.for purposes related to the organization and conduct of the Competition, in order to post a list of Competition winners on the Competition Website and for accounting and financial reporting, in accordance with separate regulations.
  3. Participants have the right to access and correct data and request removal.The Administrator informs that providing data is voluntary, but necessary to obtain the Prizes and to consider any complaints.
  4. The data of the Competition Participants will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.(JournalATfrom 1997, No. 133, item883 as amended)
  1. The Participant of the Competition, at the time of issuing the Prize in the Competition, transfers the proprietary copyrights to the submitted Competition Work and the rights to disseminate studies of this Competition Work, covering, without territorial and time limits, the following fields of exploitation: recording, reproduction by any technique (including digital and printed), placing on the market, entering into computer memory, public performance or public performance, exhibition, display, rental, lease, broadcasting by wire or wireless vision or sound by a terrestrial station, broadcasting via satellite, simultaneous and integral broadcasting work broadcast by another radio or television organization, publication and distribution via the Internet.
  2. Each Participant, together with the submission of the Application, authorizes the Organizer - with the right to grant further authorizations - to use any Participant's Contest Works, in particular to enter them into the memory of a computer or other device, process and publish them and distribute them in connection with the Contest in during its term and within a year after its completion.
    1. The Organizer authorizes the Committee supervising the proper course of the Competition to make decisions on:
      1. exclude Contest Participants, and
      2. deleting Participants' Contest Works, and
      3. cancelling some or all of the votes obtained by the Contest Entries,

If these decisions are necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the Competition and the selection of the best Competition Entries.The Participant has the right to lodge a complaint against the above-mentioned decisions of the Commission on the terms described in §5 of the Regulations.

  1. Commission decisions referred to in par.1 may occur in the following situations:
    1. breach by the Participant of the provisions of §2 sec.6 of the Regulations,
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Regulations at any time without giving any reason, if it does not affect the rights acquired by the Participants.
  3. During the duration of the Contest, the content of the Contest Regulations will be available for inspection at the Organizer's office and on the Contest Website.